Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Walking in Paris

Corinna, the t-shirt girl, Joacim and Oscar.
Oscar almost walked out in front of a bus. In Paris they have tripple lanes. One in each direction as always and sometimes one extra in the middle for buses. They drive like hell and really come fast.
The pic is a bit bad but you see two thirds of the crossing. It starts with a green man, then a red man in the middle (which you see in the picture) and the a green again, at the same time. When in Paris, take note of this.
The Metro. Rubber wheels. Unusual.

Bus/train-trip under the English channel.

When you cross the channel you can take a train under it. You just drive your car, or in our case our bus, into a train. It's not our bus in the pic but the one just before us getting in.

Jörg Zaske, our tourmanager, and I in front of our bus inside the train. The bus has 18 beds and two lounges. And a bunch of stuff like microgolf, fridges, a toilet, tv-games, dvd's etc etc.

Thierry, our bus driver. He is from France. Usually we have German or English drivers.

Fredrik Larsson

Fredrik thought the signs at Antwerpen's Media Markt were strange.
Note how the man is avoiding Frediks attac.


What kind of robot?

On the tram in Antwerpen it clealy said: No rocking! So Fredik couldn't help himself showing his rockface.

This is how Pontus reacted to Fredrik's outburst.