Thursday, June 25, 2009

German cows

On the way too the last gig we happened to see this. In the middle of a town road they were letting out a stampede. A stampede is probably a too big of a word. They were walking in slow motion.

Swedish midsummer

Hammerfall played a festival in Germany on midsummers eve. Joacim and Fredrik brought their own food. In Sweden one must have herring and potatoes. It's a tradition. The catering people though it was really odd that we didn't eat their Bavarian specialties. In the pic you can see Joacim stuffing away and Fredrik chopping chives while Pontus is monitoring the whole operation. I, the only one in the band that speaks german, had to try to explain to everyone what was going on.

Jenny's horse goes on grazing period

Monday, June 22, 2009

Swedish radio on Sunday 23:00 (11:00PM)

Hear some stories from the past this next Sunday at one hour before midnight on Swedish radio P4.

(In Swedish)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fish-cock (rooster)

Our soundman for many years, Jukka Wahlsten (not last tour due to wrong nationality), always used to talk about the fishcock. A Finnish delicacy - brown disgusting unsweetened dark bread with a paste of small lake fish and pig meat mix intertwained. One day he bought a few of these for us to try. Everyone had a really hard time with them except one guy, Duce Faradaco, but he eats anything. Jukka was really dissapointed and annoyed with us Swedes for being unsophisticated. I have no idea why it's called Fish-cock. Should be Fish-pig, one might think.


Today I told Kalle to empty the dishwasher. I told him he could empty half of it and save the other half to Niklas so it woyld be equally much "work" for them. I was kind of kidding but he did it exactly like the instructions given.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tama kit from Simon

I got a new kit. It used to belong to Simon Phillips (drum legend extraordinaire). It has three floor toms and a Gong bass.

Swedish-Polish dictionary

My sons went to Poland with their band. These words were the ones they though might be useful to know.
My brother Jens used to do the same thing.