Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Different colors in the east

They often paint houses in more extreme colors than we do.


Warning for Pedophile?
Pizza with "Sunka" or "Kukurica" maybe.

At the gig in Zlin, Czech republic...No Guns or Foxes!

Locks in the East. Toilettes vs. firehose.

A sliding-lock directly into the tile...didn't work of course.Most toilets are withot any lock at all.

Pyro-Per tried to get some water for the Laser from a firehose. But they had a padlock on it. Typical somehow.
Note: In South America there are padlocks on all emergency exits...always. At least all I've seen.

What if there is a fire?!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Blue belt

I got my punishment from the Anderslöv Taekwon-do club for my hotel night. Demotion to Blue belt-status.
"One should not misuse and abuse the way of the hand and foot."

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hotel night - Out of hand in Swedish press

In the press they called me so naturally I (and Oscar, the other bandmamber present) got blamed for it all. I hardly broke anything. I of course should have left the party as any normal law-abiding person would have, but I was kind of interested to see what would happen next.
I told the press the story but they edited out the part with who broke what...

Throwing a bed part...
A german freaking out. Michael had quite a few brews this day. He is normally a really calm, intelligent and nice person.

Kai, a sweetheart and our drumtech. Mr. Hyde showed up trying to talk on the broken phone.

More Kai. Here derstoying the bed frame. Notice the scared little french lighting girl (Celine) in the corner.

Michael again...peekaboo.

Kai and Flo. Working on the bed.


Last night we got beers after the gig. I was choosing between a powerdrink and a Pilsner Urquell that the Czech promoter nicely brough us. I'm a known whimp so I took the Powerdrink.

Serbia again


Pectopah = Restoran. I remember theses letter from a tour we did in the Soviet Union back in the 80-ties.

IKS-OKS anyone?


Bling H2O- The Rolls Royce of water

In a NH-hotel in Austria. They sell ordinary water for € 56 and you don't even get a full liter.
It's supposed to be filtered thru some special crystals. They had less expensive alternatives like 38 Euros a bottle.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Germans part 2

Flo later had to buy a basket of easter candy-eggs to make the Sabaton-busdriver (Claes Ohlsson) happy. Claes is a tough guy and he wouldn't be happy until they cleaned it while being naked.

Our Greman crew part 1

Flo (monitors) was "decorating" the trailer of Sabaton (our support band) by putting cheese sandwiches on it.
Andy helping out with some Hungarian hotsause and later honey.

Serbian names

Friday, April 10, 2009

Strange parking in Europe.

Croatia/Serbia/Bulgaria part 1

Here we spent two hours. It's always a pain going into and out from Eastern countries. But it's also interesting. We are collecting stories from life...

Joacim feeding the stray boarder dogs. One had only one eye.

Hotel AS. In swedish it means carcass.

Red Bulla anyone?

It's not a toilet. We didn't know what it was. Maybe something to wash clothes in?


This is my drum room. The ceiling caved in.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sleipner rehearsal

It was loud! It's typical for young boys to play (too) loud. We were the same way back in the teenage days with our band Slem. We were speed freaks as well.


More Slem:

Slem was a band we had with Erik Borelius and Per Stadin (at special occations). Both these guys are very muically talented.

Check Erik at (an exmple):

Sleipner-Danne Jensen

Danne, the bass player in Sleipner, uses Ahlgren's candy-cars for earplugs. He said: "-You can always eat them afterwards". After the rehearsal he asked me smilingly: "-Do you want some candy?" They looked like the chocolate coverd version of the car...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oscar breaks

Oscar breaks shit in the rehersal room. Palmok-terigi-style.


Oscar screams in a bar (Diamond Dogs, Gothenburg) and tries to blame Jens after being told to be silent.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

People on tour

Florian (monitors), Sascha (guitar tech stage left) and Ernst (front of house).

Mikael Johansson, tour-photographer.

Thierry, bus driver.

Walter, stage props and stage manager.

Celine, lighting director.

Ernst, again.

Kai, drum tech.

Andy, guitar/bass tech stage right.

Pyro-Per, pyro and laser.

Fredrik Larsson 2

Här får du inte sfera (svära)!