Sunday, August 1, 2010

Party at Paul and Anette's.

Jenny and I drank people's beers. It's a weak beer you can buy in ordinary shops. It's better than the strong stuff in many ways. With strong alcohol at least I start misbehaving and do stupid things as well as feeling like crap for days. Paul and the rest were drinking "Stockholm 7.0's and Rekorderlig cider 7.0's" Paul with popcorn in his face.

Party on!


Dancing the night away. Martin to the far right. Behind him you can almost see Anya.

Boating on the west coast.

Krister at the helm.

Kalle stearing and getting lessons in seaman ship by Krister.

Niklas and I was in the smaller boat. Smaller but still very fast. Niklas was doing "donuts".
This boat, a zodiak, had to be mended first. A propeller accident had punctured it. It took some glue and patches and it was ready to go again.

Wipers breaking down

At the possible worst time the windshield wiper motor broke. Luckily Jenny's father found a few used ones on the internet by a scrapheep-online-site. I mended the motor temporarely but in pouring rain on the E6 it stopped completely. Had to get it started again at a gas station by fiddling with the motor. Our fried Tina helped out and drove and got a used motor for us as well as baking a nice lemon curd cake. Her boyfriend Sören, drummer in Plantera, helped to install it.

Cruising for burgers

Kalle ate a huge burger at Snapparp road diner in Halland.

I ordered a tripple Whopper in Svinesund (swine-straight). The guy had a hard time at first understanding the concept of adding an extra slab of meat.