Thursday, November 26, 2009

Swine flu shot went strange.

Took my swine flu shot today. Everything was fine at first as always.I have taken shos many many times before. It didn't really hurt at all as usually. I sat down for a while afterwards like the tell you to. Then it started creeping up on me when I red the paper they give you with what kind of reactions that might occur to some unlucky people. A very bad feeling came over me. It got worse and worse. I started to feel totally avful. Really terrible. Sweating buckets. Then my vision got blured and dark. I fainted. I was put on a stretcher and nurses and doctors were called in. I thought I was having an alergic reaction and was dying for sure. I have thought I was dying before in life. It was on a flight in Serbia that had to emergency land in a scary way. Today felt worse. I started coming around. And they took my blood preassure. The thing went of the scale for some reason (maybe me tensing up). They tried again. "-I can't get a reading on him!" the nurce said. I started freaking out again. Almost fainted once more. I remember once Jonas Hellborg and I were taking yellow fever shots. I was first up. I pretended it hurt like hell to scare him and he fainted when he took his. Now I know how it feels.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Geüsir of kack

Got this fancy built in water container for the toilette. It cracked of course. Making a bunch of problems everywhere.

De-mounted it and ordered a new one. A few hundred euros. Note the wet floorboards.

An accident never comes alone. The sewer drain clogged for some reason. I tried everything. Wires and hoses. Days of work. Twice I got an avalance of sewage on me.

Tree days later I gave up and called in the pros. What a strange job that is. Going to peoples houses and dealing with their disgusting wastewater. You must like it to do it. Really nice guys, though. Only strange thing was that they had raging hard-ons all the time while working with the pipes.

Afterwards I had to take a shower to get the feces out of my skin. And soothing myself with some pure protein. This tastes really bad. I usually get the dry and wet heaves from trying to drink it.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Today at Swedish television channel 1 19:00 hours.

Kulturnyheterna kl 19:00 tonight on Swedish television channel 1.
Unfortunately I'm not playing like the picture might mislead, but there is something about my father. We got these recordings from a music scientist called Olle Lind that mainly specialises in Lars Gullin but also in other jazz musicians. He gave us 200+ recordings with my father.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Battle and dog feelings.

The scottish terrier is a feisty and stubborn breed. Sometimes on his walks he just lays down when he doesn't want to walk the same way we do.
It takes hour to cut his fur. He is batteling like it was a life and death situation.
He has a muzzle or we would get bitten.
Talking of bitten. The other day he tried to jump up on his favourite chair. He didn't succeed. He tried several times. I think there was a bass guitar in the way as well as a pillow. He was in a bad mood, you could tell, annoyed and frustrated. People say dogs don't have human feelings but I'm sure they can feel happiness, anger, being scared, sadness and frustration. Later I tricked him to come and lay down elsewhere by luring him there was food. When he realized there was none and when I tried to drag him away from the chair he bit me hard in the arm. He tried biting once again but missed. Afterwards he whimpered and layed down on his back knowing he'd gone too far. If he would have been a big dog we would have to submit him to Cesar Millan, but small dogs get away with things like that I guess.

New haircut.