Monday, May 31, 2010

Karate kid.

Mike C took the pic. My leg was on it's way down when it was taken.

Oscar practiced a back kick.

An ex-bench.

Joacim's problem.

How will he get out?

Unusual flight seat.

On Czech airlines you can sit the "opposite way". I took this pic from my seat. It feels strange starting backwards. Normally you get pushed back in your seat but now it feels like you're hanging in your belt. Looking down on the ground enhances the "bad" feeling.


Sabaton's Daniel Mühr, keyboards, with his four-beard.

Amon Amarth and the bicycle stand.

The big Swedish vikings, who already played the festival we were playing the next day, "warned" us about the backstage. "-It's unusuall, let's put it that way!" They explained. They wanted it to be a surprise, so we didn't get any more details.
Amon Amarth are really nice guys and a great band.

This was it. Outdoors and full of bicycle stands.
No problem for road dog like us, but Swedish Deathstars wrecked their backstage completely.
George, the main dude for the festival, asked me: "-Were they angry?" No, they were drunk, I told him...and probably happy.

Pontus' sandwich.

Pontus likes hot food. For breakfast he put half a can of strong potent Hungarian spicy stuff on his sandwich. The gulasch-soup itself was very strong tasting as well.

The French and Portugese are taking over.

Celine might be a small (compare her to the normal sized pizza) French girl, but she is our lighting director and has a big personality.

Fish (Portugal) instructing Seb (France) how to mount the drum pedals.

Strange beard and houses.

A Dutch train conductor. With a funny beard.

In Amsterdam the houses are croocked by 15-20 degrees sometimes, some are falling down.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pictures of drummers

An exhibition of Swedish drummers by Peter Olofsson.

Lund 21:st of May, between 12-18.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

England tour.

A typical backstage sight. Someone was so drunk he dropped his beer.

The bus was previously hired by Europe. They had put their stickers everywhere. I sometimes (one out of ten times) sign my bunk for other rockers/crew to find. "Anders Johansson was here!" Maybe I should do it every time? Might be fun if others started this too. Or maybe not? Might be awfull to know you are in the same bunk as some well known slob/masturbator us to soil.

My bunk from the inside. It has a fan, some outlets, a curtain and sometimes a little window. Also known as "The Sacrofag". Sometimes they are not long enough (kind of often). And not so high in the "ceiling". Nothing for claustrophobics.
A bus might have anything from 1 to 18 bunks. This one had 13 bunks plus one for the driver under the stairs.

Joacim found a huge bag o' chips backstage.

My in-ear monitor amp and reciever. It was Klaus Meine's before I got it. I didn't change the name (well, not the one on the white tape, the one in the little window). It was kind of cool to have his. He is the lead singer of Scorpions. If you would boil and make tea out of it it would probably be some strange weirdo who would buy it.

From a toilet somewhere. No fan or any ventilation in it. Kind of typical.

Jez is giving a sensual massage to his gimp (Fish) in a very sexual way.

Hanging in the pub with Dream Evil. Pete Pain, Pat Power and Fredrik from HammerFall.

Kind of strange. Or maybe not in case you want to try how it is to drive a forklift or harverster.

This is strong stuff! In the background photographer Peter "The beard" Olofsson.

HammerFall's manager Per "The knife" Kviman. Don't mess with me, his face is saying.

This confused all of us. It's scary with the left hand traffic. Us, being used to drive on the right side, have it in us strongly to look the "wrong" way. No matter if they write signs on the roads, it's still confusing somehow.

One of Paul the neighbours many inventions. A cup of milk with instant coffee, a minute in the micro...voila!

Paul last night after a few cold ones.
As Paul says: "-I pass out every night and I come around in the mornings!"
Last night he invented a few words for naturally girls where the collar matches the cuffs: Blond pond, Brunette pet and Brown frown. Blond pond might take off like Ginge minge.
Paul always comes up with jokes. He told his mother the other day, who doesn't like foul language: "Then you like a big black cock....espaniel." (She has two).
"I like my coffee like I like my women...broken on the floor with white stuff inside."
"My forskin is too big...sorry my threeskin is five big."
There is many more but they are more harsch and not possible to write here...