Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My grandfather Valter Johansson as a 19 year old. He built his own power plant (hydro powered). He was into music. Played several instruments. Composed marches and other music. Strange thing is how looks are inherited as well as interests and hobbies. Looks like me or Jens somehow. Same nose and mouth especially.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Drinking race? Somer-spy cider. Became autum puke cider later for one person (not in the picture).

More partying. Stefan is saying: OooohhHHHHHHHHAAAAAAaaaaa!

Oscar is always hard to capture in a pic due to his fast motions.

Paul is very popular with the ladies. The rest of us guys wonder how he does it, but some people are just naturals.

Fredrik had a bit too much to eat, but was fine the next day.

Friday, September 18, 2009

CCCP Hockey

This is a great documentary. I just got it in the mail.
It's about the former Soviet Union's hockey team.
They where unbeatable more or less.
As a bonus on the dvd you get to see the world cup finals between Sweden and SSSR from 1981. The big russian red machine won with 13 to 1. In a final! That's how superior they where.
On the other hand they practised for 50 weeks out of the year. Three ice passes a day. Then physical practice on top. The swedes had it more as a hobby and had ordinary jobs as well.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stefan, the pilot

Helmsman Elmgren ready to take his heavy cargo plane to the skies. Stefan gave us a tour of his job. It was really interesting. Sometimes when Stefan has been flying all night and are getting hungry he can smell food from the cargo. It's been close that he nicked a loaf...

Stefan always drinks a "Full Strike" before his flights.

The Palmcity

The city where we live is the southenmost city in Sweden. Some weirdo has decided that it should have a nickname. The Palm city. You can see this on cabs and elsewhere nowadays. The Palmcity this, the Palmcity that. They have imported and put a few palms in big pots next to a street. These palms are barely surviving. They have to take them in after the two summer months when the cold and darkness is coming. During the years the palms have been there they have not grown at all. The Palm Sweden. Really strange.

On the other hand it's possible to grow exotic fruits outdoors here. All these come from our garden. (Yes, pears and apples are not that exotic, but apricots and vines should be).
We also have figs (not shown in the picture).

Monday, September 7, 2009

Random öld pics

Me in 1965. Drinking a "Festis".

First drumkit.

Pic from 1977. I was so ugly back then. Still am, by the way.

On a mule in Spain. Fell off and it hurt my sholder like a jackass. 1970

Rising Force mark 4. I was in Rising Force mark 2, 3 4, 5 and 6. Me, Jens, Vally Voss (r.i.p), Yngwie and Jeff. The clothes I were are often refered to as "the traffic signs". 1985

Jens with his Yamaha organ. He was a keyboard-monster already back then. He played circles around everyone and everybody.
He had a knob which he detuned it a few cents with. This was a trick he played on other musicians when they tried to tune their instruments. 1978.

Rorschach test

This is a psychological test.
Please write what you see.
Note: There is no right or wrong answer.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

This person looks funky

At the gym they have put a picture of a bodybuilder. He look a bit feminine to me. Probably not his intentions. The pants are strange as well.

Trip to southen most tip of Sweden

Some different looking houses. Maybe the Moomin-trolls live there?

The Swedish riviera.

Jenny screams for ice cream.

This part where we live was taken from Denmark like 350 years ago. Some of the town names sound strange to us swedes.


Did you know that a microwave owen has a radar inside (magnetron)? That's how they once discovered the household device. They noticed that birds where coocked inside-out up in the antennae.
This tree stands close to a strong ground radar. It's been de-barked.

Here is the culprit.