Monday, June 28, 2010

Mora weekend

After a 10 hour journey we ended up at Joacim's place. Having midsummer dinner. I had my hood on. Protecting me against mosquitos.

A more normal pic (look further down) of Oscar. Girldfriend-Olivia in the background.

The gig we did was located on top of a mountain. We had to take the ski-lift to get there. A first time for you can see from the worried facial expression. Behind me Joacim and Fredrik.

Joacim and Fredrik getting off.

The gig. The view has gotten three stars in Guide Michelin.

Oscar's bedroom eyes.

All girls think Fredrik is the best looking one...

Oscar after getting back down from the mountain late night. He sang all the way down. Really loud. You could hear it over the Mora-Orsa-Rättvik area

After party in our log cabin. Sabri, Joacim (the Amarant singer), Fredrik and Mia.

Oscar partying.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Street signs in Skåne (Sweden's best state).

Duck crossing.

Nudist beach ahead. I didn't know if one was allowed to be un-naked so I whipped the monster out just to be safe.

East side/west side.

In our village we have a small river, mostly in a duct. It runs thru our garden. It divides the village in two sides. East and west side. I live on the west side and Paul on the east side. He invented these signs for the different sides. He demonstrates where he belongs by looking at the east-sign.


The spinning solar powered light.


Anybody that understand what this is exactly?

Friday, June 18, 2010


I got this stupid hat in a gas station in Germany somewhere. Seemed like a great idea at the time...

Swedish Radio show

We were broadcasting four hours live last Saturday. Quite a few interesting guests. Here is Mike Åkerfeldt from Opeth comparing the music industri and the musicians playing from before vs. now. Was it better before? In the background: Liv Ungermark, the producer.

To the left: Jens, my brother, was the "headliner-guest". They had a keyboard for him so Jens and I played some jams live (I usually have a drumkit in this radio show). It was interesting to just play whatever came to mind live in front of about 700 000 listeners. We kept it going for about sex minutes. Then again, we are trained professionals and should be able to anything musically after 30 years as pros. He also talked about his years with Dio and told some very funny stories.

Andreas Matz, the host of the show, in corpse paint. He was happy with his new look and is now thinking of getting it on a more regular basis.

Rock am Ring

We were playing Rock am Ring (at the formula 1-track Nürnbergring). I never realized how large it is.
The markings at the end of the asphalt has a hight difference between the red and white of 10 cm. Must feel unconfortable running them over with a F-1 car in 300 km/h.


This pile was 15 metric tons. Seemed hopeless at first.

Had to get rid of all the weed behind the house so we put out a covering cloth and then the gravel on top.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pranks my brother and I used to do as kids.

1. Before piano lessons: smear fingers with bicycle chain-grease. Hiding the black oil under the fingers until it was time to play the home assignement. Voila! Simultaniously soiling and playing the keys.

2. Digging down a 150 feet long gardenhose near a sidewalk and turn the water on when passers by happend to...pass by. They didn't see where that came from.

3. When our mother had guests.
A. Put extra spice in the food.
B. Itching powder. At all times!
C. In the guest room she had in the attic, where there is a crawling space just outside the insulation of the room, we mounted speakers (we took from used radios and tv-sets) on the walls. We played airplane sounds or burning sound. Sometimes after each other. The effect was pretty amazing.
D. Made a hole just over where they slept so we could lower cables into their faces, and we ran a generator we de-mouted from an old crank-phone, thru their nose and mouth. Good chock-effect.
E. I stole a traffic light, the kind that blinks at night. We de-mouted the light and put a beeper instead as well as a delay circuit (Jens did this). When they put out the light and just fell a sleep 10 minutes later it started to beep. When they turned on the light the sound disapeared. Impossible to find. So they had to sleep with the light on all night.

4. Re-wirering peoples cars so the turning indicator would go to the horn. Well, you understand. Turn left: beep beep beep!

5. On tour with our teenage-band: Laxatives, laxatives, superglue, circuit breakers, laxatives, itching powder and laxatives.

6. Weed-killer powder or liquid in peoples lawns. Writing discusting words. It showed up weeks later. Delayed effect.

7. Getting weedseeds from a nearby field, by the bagfull, and planting in the neighbours flower beds.

8. Rotten herring in public places.

9. Ink in the lock of the classroom. Teachers got blue hands.