Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Avalanche of shit

I helped Jenny to transport her horse. In the process he took a severe dump straigt onto my jeans. In the stable later I had to walk around all sorts of girls/ladies and a horseshoe-maker (farrier) like a complete weirdo without pants.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


You might wanno check out this side for some blogs where I occationally write, but mostly the HammerFall-leader and founder Oscar Dronjak:

Stefan Elmgren part 2

A couple off weeks ago we took Stefan to a health restaurant (see previous blog). He didn't like it that much. Last week we went to a meat buffet with bernais sause and the like. As you can see he was happy.
He is a cargo pilot, flying heavy cargo planes all day and night. He is stationed 13 km from our house.
For you who don't know Stefan, he used to be a full fledged guitar hero but one day he just said: "-I want to become a pilot!". And he did. I think next carrer for Stefan might be in the porno film industry, but that's just my own thoughts.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Jens Johansson-lead keyboards

From before HammerFall. Jens plays really good here. Totally improvised. Great phrasings and scales, modes and speed beyond anything else out there.

Not one note wrong out of all those improvised notes at that speed! Who else can do that?!

Notice how the guys from Sonata Arctica, Nightwish and Children of bodom took Jens keyboard angel. I remember when Jens started to do this. It was on a tour in Germany with this band. He made a stand out of a couple beer cases. It was because it's easier to play fast and relaxed with your fingers in a more natural position.

An older one from the early days of HammerFall.

More drum solos

Drum solo

I kind of often get the question where one can see drum solos etc of me. I tell them to go to Youtube. But some of them don't seem to really know how to search since they say it didn't work. So here goes...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lunch with Stefan.

We went to Malmö to have lunch with Stefan and Paul. Paul was worried about his health and picked a place with a GI-menu.
Stefan, who hates health food or gourmet places, said with a suspiciousy face when he had been in getting food from the buffet: "-This is really stange place!"
In the pic you can see the disgusted look on his face.

I remember once with HammerFall when we tried to go to a fancy place to eat. Stefan was annoyed from the start. He said: "-We will probably get these too small portions with two fried potatoes, sausce splashed on top in a fancy matter, a small baby carrot and two grass stems laid over it!"
When the food came, and was just like he predicted, Stefan stood up and left for Burger King whithout eating.

Stefan demonstrating what he thought about the food.

Paul's window

Paul, our English neighbour extraordinaire, has had a doll in his window all summer, day and night. One wonders what the other people might be thinking. It really looks like a child standing there. Paul is really creativ and talented and always has some different ideas.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Life on Mars

My brother, who is really good with computers, hacked into NASA's databank last week and found this under: X-080726-47-596597-phoenix-M
It seems to me there are something that looks like some sort of plants. It would be a sensation and one understands why they don't make this pubic.
I looked on the net and Phoenix is some kind of probe that went to Mars last year.


Trains are painted black in Sweden these days. Who could have imagined this 30 years ago?
Fredrik Larsson (bass player and main hunk in HammerFall) calls them: The trains of death!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trip to Sundswall

Train to Stockholm. It started strange. Coulden't get my ticket out from the machine. Had to sit anywhere and wait for the train personel to get my real set.
I sat with a bunch of Japanese ladies. One offered me some yoghurt for some strange reason.
"-Do you want some yogult?"

Stockholm station. This place has really good Thai food. In a kind of fast food style. Recommended.

The plane to Sundsvall. A SAAB 2000. Cheesy name. Some real turbulence on this flight.
They had our name printed on it...or did they :-)

Joacim and I drinking tea before the gig. We think paper mugs, when poured something boiling into them, gives you cancer from the paper/plastic lining.

In Sweden people follow the rules, sometimes too stricktly. Our door guard told us we couldn't join the party five meters outside our door since we had our own drinks from our backstage with us. Some really strange rule of different alcohol permits in different areas in the building. So we stayed and had our own party. Later we joined in the one with Emptycarcass Smileyours (who might this be:-)) band though.

Edward Janson, our man in Scandinavia, on the Gothenburg train. My Malmö train departed from the track next to it 10 minutes later.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Swedish radio program with me about my formative years.

3000 years ago.

Swedish people carved in the rocks 3000 years ago. Why did they always ave a spear in the ass and a hard on?

Westcoast skies.

Evening in Bohuslän, Sweden.

A bit later the same evening. An unusual cloud shape. Must be the updrafts hitting colder air on a higher level.

What is this...anyone?

Found this outside a fish restaurant. Anyone knows what it is? I have no idea.


A couple of guys are trying to stomp their feet to Swedish Meshuggah.

People really liked it anyways even though it went right over 99,9 % of their heads.