Friday, October 30, 2009

Double checking everything.

People often tell me to be more trusting, to let people do their jobb. I tried to order pizza the other day. I stopped the urge to double check if everything was right.
But of course it was wrong. They forgot the sauce on the kebeb-pizza. So I put some on myself.
Everything else was pretty much wrong with the other pizzas as well...but who really cares.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Swedish tax authorities

This is the Swedish tax authorities' logotype.
My brother thinks it looks like the money is getting sucked in towards a black hole, where you never see any of it again or find out what ever happened to it.
We have high taxes in Sweden. First when you earn the money they deduct astronomical amounts. Then everytime you buy something they add on 25% tax on top. So you get taxed twice really.
Or if you have a car or own a house, or made a profit from something you already paid with taxed money. The list goes on. Where does it all go? Hospitals and roads etc suck like in any third world country.


Life is going along in a steady manner.
I'm attending karate lessons every week as well as taekwondo and going to the gym regularly. It's now possible when we are not touring. Benching 160 kg (arms in 90 degree and with help lifting the bar down). Trying to play drums an hour a day. Have to keep it up. Gigs are coming up in December. Been to Gothenburg for a couple of days last week. Bumped into Oscar and went bowling.

Oscar and Olivia. Stefan Elmgren can be seen at the bottom.

Been transfering compact cassette tapes from the past. Some funny things were found. The un-edited version of the infamous Tokyo flight, for example.

And some rough tapes from different records. The Odyssey-record is one. Some versions without singing, some out takes and covers. I like the rough mixes better. Clearer. Maybe I put something on my website. There are literally boxes full of tapes. Silver Mountain, Slem and just us guys babbling. Live tapes with Rising Force. Thousands of those.

Scanned some old pics. Here is one of my father playing bass while smoking a cigarette. He was not a smoker for long.

Been in contact with a jazz tape collector. He gave us at least 30 different live recordings with my father in different contellations. Some are for sure going to be realeased someday.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I'm learning how to do websites.
It's really easy if you don't want it to look fantastic.
I kind of dislike fantastic looking websites anyways. You can't see anything clearly since there is so much stuff everywhere and everything takes longer to load.
The one above is not yet done.
I'm going to upload more stuff soon.
Maybe also having a drum lesson-section.
We'll see.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My dad

My dad around 19 years old.
He also played music, mostly famous around the world for his song: "Pippi Longstocking" and for playing with Stan Getz among others.
Here in Sweden he recorded several albums under his own name.
One still holds the record for the most selling Swedish jazz album out of all times. It's not really pure jazz but Swedish folk-melodies in instrumental piano versions.
Interested? Go to:


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