Thursday, February 19, 2009

Swedish television

Reading the sports-news. The swedes are doing great over in NHL and our friend Alhaji Jeng broke a new Swedish record again.
With my new Malmö-kit.
From TV4's studio where we played live in the morning show. Been there four times now. Getting up at 03:00 is always annoying. Last time Oscar was 0-ing (absolutely no sleep). It means to go directly from the bar to the TV-studio. I think I had two hours at the most. But it went OK to play anyways.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


John, the drummer from Avatar, helping me putting the final touches on the bassdrum right before our gig at Popcirkus on Swedish television.

Malmö Drums is a brand new drum company from Sweden. They are made in Stockholm even though the name states differently. This kit is a prototype. It looks a lot like a Gretsch-kit.

Malin, Hammerfall's manager. She gets the band a lot of great gigs on TV and the like. She works hard, 25 hours a day at least.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

People from a small village in south Sweden.

Petit-Anders Ödlund. Car mechanic extraordinaire.
Smart guy good with computers. Combat jiu jitsu-guy now in our Taekwondo-group.

Master-William with friend China Pearl. Master-William is a six dregree black belt in Taekwondo and a church organ player.

Anya and Paul. Sister and brother. Anya has a degree in psycology. Now she works with glass art.

Paul and Martin. Two of the smarter dudes in the village. These guys always have a joke coming.

Paul is really inventive. He is demonstrating his new dance "The silencer" here.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Edward Janson

This is Edward Janson, our man in Scandinavia. He books gig and is a general caretaker. When we might need coffee he manages to locate it one minute before the gig. He was also the mastermind behind the plot to "beard" Darin and egg and destroy the hotel and bus in Östersund (ten years ago so it's ok by now). Also in the pic is Fredrik Larsson and our busdriver from Orsa.

Dalarna rehearsals

We rehearsed last week in Joacims summer house in Dalarna (Dalecarlia).
It was a lot of snow. We did a gig and since we had rehearsed more than ever (before we didn't really bother) we sounded much better than ever before.
Oscar in the pic.
It was pretty cold. At night minus 22. When I took this pic the sun had warmed the thermometer up to minus 20. The heater broke down one night.


We went to this place to have burgers.
The dude making them had a cold. He blew his nose and kept the paper in his hand while making them. I really was thinking of just leaving the place but was too hungry. I figured that humans have a pretty good immune defence and I didn't get sick. Or the disease has a long incubation period...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rising force 1984

Jeff was 18 at the time. The rest of us around 20.
From Left to right: Jeff, Marcel, Yngwie, Jens and Anders.

Fort boyard.

Stefan Elmgren, the bad boy of HammerFall, was playing with some of Sweden's best hockey and football (soccer) players of all times. Recognize any of them?

We broke a light in the lobby.
It was Mats Näslund, Magnus "Sigge" Svensson and Challe Berglund tham made us do it.

World's strongest man

This is Magnus Samuelsson. At one time the strongest man in the world.
At this time I was just a normal guy. Nowadays, after training twice a week I'm a bit stronger. Benching 130 kg.
Pic was from Fort Boyard.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Parking with Oscar

I tried to park in a flower bed but my car, a Toyota Camry V6, got stuck. Oscars tank for a car had no problem what so ever to drive in the bushes.

He is selling this fine piece of machinery, by the way. For only € 5000 it can be yours!
It needs some minor work. The rear side mirror and a drive shaft on this four wheel-monster is all you need to mend.

HammerFall rehearsals

A new case. Got four of them.

Oscar's new setup.



Anders and Fredrik

The band

Monday, February 2, 2009

Swedish post office-sign

This sign was stolen by Jens and I like 15 years ago. I was recording with Svullo at the time as well as with Jens (our first solo album "The Johansson brothers"/self titled). We took it from a post office and now my son wanted to have it in his room where it hangs now.