Sunday, May 31, 2009

Road sign

Wild boar warning. They are getting more and more common in Southern Sweden. They are pretty heavy and compact. I've seen them as often as deer and moose lately.

Horse practice

I went to Jenny's riding practice. You can hear the teacher yelling commands to the riders. Jenny is the one with the biggest horse.

Hold on to the bars, riders! Hold tight to the bars, riders!

Kalle plays bass

Kalle usually plays drums. This is one of the first times he plays bass. But as a drummer you can automatically play the bass good without practice. In the video he records a cover song by In Flames.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I live in Skåne. A Swedish southern state

Skåne has a nice flag. A mix between the Danish and the Swedish one.
When I first moved here I thought this was the coolest thing. A state with it's own flag! You see it everywhere.

Me outside a café waiting to have lunch with Stefan Elmgren and Jenny.
Self portrait with the phone camera.

The trees blossom before the rest of Sweden here...
Here a pear tree.

You have to scrape moss from the roof even here.
This sucks and is a lot of work. Check the gutter. Full already and I just started.

In the night you can go to sports events or concerts. This was a MMA, boxing and K-1 event in Malmö. Jörgen Kruth was the main event and his match was over in a minute or so. A lot of good fights this night.

Pump problem

Hit it with my car backing up.
I might just cover the hole.

Sleipner's official live video

Monday, May 18, 2009


Jeff Scott Soto and I.
We were really young. I think I was 21. He 18.
We posed in front of a gold records like the rockstars we had become. It's obvious I was just a techical engineer that played drums on the side. I quit my studies and became a musician instead.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jenny's blog

Please check:

In Swedish but it's almost like English if you read carefully...


This is something we don't usually see from a car in Sweden.

Sweden and Bulgaria played a soccer game in 1994 where Sweden won the bronze in the world cup (4-0). Our man in Bulgaria told us the Bulgarian people got so disapointed and angry that they went out in the streets by the 100 000:nds and: "-Broke cars."


The bus.

A (my) bunk. Where the musicians and crew are sleeping. It's like a personal sleeping coffin with a curtain, light and sometimes a vent. Some older busses has windows (not good if the bus rolls in an accident) and the older ones don't have the "seat belt".

The bunk area. Our bus has 18 bunks. The bunks are usually on double decker busses stacked two and two, one top and one bottom. But can also be three, bottom, middle and top on single deckers. There is a narrow aisle between the bunks. They usually come in sections by four (or six).

The back top lounge. Behind the bunks. For hanging out. TV-set and games, dvd, stereo. A fridge.

The toilet.

Front downstairs lounge. Kitchen and fridges, tv-sets and dvd:s, game consoles, tables and sofas etc etc.
The bus also has a drivers compartment with his sleeping area, a luggage area, and some other utillity spaces.

Brown beast, one and two.

The Brown Beast 1. Our old oil-heater. Taekwon-do master William and I carried it out from the basement with help from some wheels I bought from Hornbach. They were supposed to carry 250 Kg... They didn't look nice afterwards. The beast must have been like 275 kg pure steel.

Brown Beast 2.
A new Tama-kit I'll be using on the next gigs. It's Simon Phillips-played and designed. He used it for the clinics he did here in Europe. I feel honoured to get it. I stole a bunch of fills from him :-)