Sunday, July 25, 2010

Trying to impress :-)

Limberness is not my thing, being stiff as a tree trunk, but I have been getting the roundhouse-kicks a bit higher lately.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Italy, Switzerland and Germany

We hung out with Chris Tsangarides. Chris has done like a million records. And worked with a lot of the biggest bands. I know him from doing a Yngwie Malmsteen-record. Backstage in Balingen, Germany.

Pontus cooling off after the gig (in Hutwill, Switzerland).

Henjo Richter (left) and Daniel Zimmermann (right) after thier gig with Gamma Ray. They were in a good mood. Pistonia, Italy.

Daniel Zimmermann's hi-hat pedal has a funky name.

Mikael Stanne, Dark Tranquillity. The DT-boys can really drink. Late night at Bang your head, Germany.

Tolmin, Slovenia.

We headlined so we got to put our bus next to the stage. It was so loud from all the other bands it was impossible to sleep. The bus was special. Had all sorts of nice features.

Next to the gig there was a nice little creek of ice cold and clear mountain water.

Oscar having a drink, self serve style.

Arvidsjaur, Northen Sweden

Fredrik is putting on mosquito repellent. Up here you need a lot. There are billions and billions of mosquitos here!

Midnight sun.

In my hotel room there was a sauna (behind El Guapo in the pic). Never seen that before.

Swimming in a water filled abandoned bedrock-mine

Jenny thought it was a bit cold at first.

Paul diving. Some guy died two week here since there was a sharp rock under the water surface. Sometimes people dump bicycles, cars and other things like dishwashers here.

Oscar, Paul, Martin, me and Viktoria.

Reindeers in Northern Sweden

Near Arvidsjaur. A herd of reindeers crossing the 110 km/h-road. They don't move if you honk your horn. They just pass on by in their own time.

Andy Siri

Our man in Germany from Nuclear Blast. This was in Tolmin, Slovenia. Andy is famous for being musically open minded and have a good sence of humor.

HammerFall in Germany

Because we play: "German metal played by Swedes" we get to headline.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Karate injuries

BBB: Brown Belt Blood. Stoffe was up and fighting in no time, though.
When I ran to my bag to get the camera everyone thought I was a nice guy and went for band-aids...

BBBH: Broken Brown Belt Hand. Christer's injury was a bit more serious.
Interesting fact: Christer competes with mail pigeons. Pretty unusual hobby, I think.

Japanese feet

My foot compared to a Japanese woman's feet. Picture taken with candid camera under the table on a train to North Sweden. You know what they say: Big feet...