Tuesday, January 20, 2009

P3 guld/drumkit

This is my new/old kit I used for the TV show P3 Guld (pic from backstage right before we went on).
It's of Brand-x. I didn't get a proper endorsement deal yet. Premier, my old company, told me they had economical issues and couldn't give me a new one. They have been more than helpful in the past, though. But the kit I got last from them is so worn it's impossible to get any more milage out of it.
Many other companies wanted me to pay something. A so called 50%-deal. This is what the music shops are paying. So they are trying to exploit us drummers.
All you other musicians out there. If they want you to pay...do it if you want since it's better than paying full price, but it's not a real endorsement deal. Imagine all the exposure they are getting from you playing all over the place.
I get theses drummers telling me quite often: "-Hey, Anders! I play a kit like you do. I bought it just because you have one!"
Gretsch want's to endorse me but so far it's not yet confirmed. I let you know how it goes.
Cymbals are Meinl-brand. These guys are easy to deal with.

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