Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dalarna rehearsals

We rehearsed last week in Joacims summer house in Dalarna (Dalecarlia).
It was a lot of snow. We did a gig and since we had rehearsed more than ever (before we didn't really bother) we sounded much better than ever before.
Oscar in the pic.
It was pretty cold. At night minus 22. When I took this pic the sun had warmed the thermometer up to minus 20. The heater broke down one night.

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  1. I'm just wondering where in Dalarna. I lived in Falun in the Spring of '95. Did Hammerfall actually play live somewhere around there?

    Speaking of temperatures I was just at some site where you can directly ask Frank Marino questions and someone asked about when he used to wear leather onstage. The guy asked if he ever got really hot from it.

    Frank said yes he did get really hot from wearing the leather outfit but he actually claimed that he plays better when he gets really hot and he purposely performed in the leather to achieve that effect.

    Makes me wonder if cold temps can affect your playing or, since you are a native of cold lands, it has zero affect on you. ( and if you still own those ( leather? ) pants below from the early Yngwie days ^:-J )

    When I lived in Copenhagen I was amazed by one guy who , even on the coldest winter nights, would still be out on Strøget playing his nylon string guitar enthusiastically as if it were a warm sunny day. Personally I would have been in some decent pain attempting that but I grew up in a desert.

    Anyways I'm a bassist from CA who somehow ended up here after a night of trying to learn Solitude from Jonas Hellborg's Artmetal disc.

    Which totally kicks ass BTW!

    PS. Your driver from the French part of the blog looks perfectly suited for a horror movie.