Friday, April 17, 2009

Hotel night - Out of hand in Swedish press

In the press they called me so naturally I (and Oscar, the other bandmamber present) got blamed for it all. I hardly broke anything. I of course should have left the party as any normal law-abiding person would have, but I was kind of interested to see what would happen next.
I told the press the story but they edited out the part with who broke what...

Throwing a bed part...
A german freaking out. Michael had quite a few brews this day. He is normally a really calm, intelligent and nice person.

Kai, a sweetheart and our drumtech. Mr. Hyde showed up trying to talk on the broken phone.

More Kai. Here derstoying the bed frame. Notice the scared little french lighting girl (Celine) in the corner.

Michael again...peekaboo.

Kai and Flo. Working on the bed.

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