Sunday, May 24, 2009

I live in Skåne. A Swedish southern state

Skåne has a nice flag. A mix between the Danish and the Swedish one.
When I first moved here I thought this was the coolest thing. A state with it's own flag! You see it everywhere.

Me outside a café waiting to have lunch with Stefan Elmgren and Jenny.
Self portrait with the phone camera.

The trees blossom before the rest of Sweden here...
Here a pear tree.

You have to scrape moss from the roof even here.
This sucks and is a lot of work. Check the gutter. Full already and I just started.

In the night you can go to sports events or concerts. This was a MMA, boxing and K-1 event in Malmö. Jörgen Kruth was the main event and his match was over in a minute or so. A lot of good fights this night.

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