Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Swedish tax authorities

This is the Swedish tax authorities' logotype.
My brother thinks it looks like the money is getting sucked in towards a black hole, where you never see any of it again or find out what ever happened to it.
We have high taxes in Sweden. First when you earn the money they deduct astronomical amounts. Then everytime you buy something they add on 25% tax on top. So you get taxed twice really.
Or if you have a car or own a house, or made a profit from something you already paid with taxed money. The list goes on. Where does it all go? Hospitals and roads etc suck like in any third world country.

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  1. its like that in the UK, we pay income tax and national insurance contributions out of our wages, which varies as to the amount depending on how much you earn, then we pay 17.5% VAT(value added tax) on just about everything you buy. There are a few things that are VAT free, theres a list of things that are VAT free. On top of that there is council tax, feul tax, road tax, the list is endless, and yes you never know where it goes........well i know where it goes, but i am sure you don't want to hear a rant about the UK economy and all its glory.......;)

    Hope you and yours are well.....