Sunday, February 7, 2010

Stratovarius - tonight only.

Went to a Strato-show yesterday in Lund, Sweden.
The show was really great. The musicianship in this band is fantastic. Solos from Jens (my brother), Lauri and Mathias were mindboggeling. A bach duet with Jens and Lauri. They call it Airbag! It's unusually high quality of the solos in general. The guys play with such ease. They don't even look at their instruments while playing extremely complex and fast runs. Drummer-Jörg and singer-Timo in great condition. Being a drummer myself and been seeing Jörg 100 times I think he plays better than ever. Consistant and steady.
Sound was unbelievably good. Clear, powerful and you could hear every little detail. Every part of the drumkit equally loud and massive. Every bass tone, every background vocals as loud as everything else.
Lights were great. They had seven moving lights assigned for Jörg, mostly as color changers. Generally you could see everyone perfectly at all times.

If you have the possibillity you should go check them out tonight at Brew house in Gothenburg.
Bring earplugs, it was loud.

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