Monday, November 29, 2010

Anders trying to hang with rockstars

This is me hanging with some friends/rock stars. Everyone else looks really cool. I look like a freak of course. I really never had a clue about clothing or style. Check Joey Tempest out. Or Yngwie. They knew what to put on. A fun note is that Joey has a pink land line phone. Cells were not comon back then (1988). This was from John Levéns apartment in Upplands Väsby where we all grew up. The skirt I'm wereing was from my mother. "Here, Anders...some clothes before you go on the next 14 months world tour!" Well, I now understand why I never had any girls or groupies. But in general our band (Rising force) played the wrong kind of music. We had a 100% male audience since we played musician's music. When we did videos we hired girls to be in the audience pretending to be our fans.

1 comment:

  1. Hahahaha i never knew about hiring girls for the videos, this is so funny. Anders don't care about the clothes you are 100% pure talent so to hell with the clothes. You rule!

    Cheers from Monterrey, Mexico :)