Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trip to Sundswall

Train to Stockholm. It started strange. Coulden't get my ticket out from the machine. Had to sit anywhere and wait for the train personel to get my real set.
I sat with a bunch of Japanese ladies. One offered me some yoghurt for some strange reason.
"-Do you want some yogult?"

Stockholm station. This place has really good Thai food. In a kind of fast food style. Recommended.

The plane to Sundsvall. A SAAB 2000. Cheesy name. Some real turbulence on this flight.
They had our name printed on it...or did they :-)

Joacim and I drinking tea before the gig. We think paper mugs, when poured something boiling into them, gives you cancer from the paper/plastic lining.

In Sweden people follow the rules, sometimes too stricktly. Our door guard told us we couldn't join the party five meters outside our door since we had our own drinks from our backstage with us. Some really strange rule of different alcohol permits in different areas in the building. So we stayed and had our own party. Later we joined in the one with Emptycarcass Smileyours (who might this be:-)) band though.

Edward Janson, our man in Scandinavia, on the Gothenburg train. My Malmö train departed from the track next to it 10 minutes later.

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