Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lunch with Stefan.

We went to Malmö to have lunch with Stefan and Paul. Paul was worried about his health and picked a place with a GI-menu.
Stefan, who hates health food or gourmet places, said with a suspiciousy face when he had been in getting food from the buffet: "-This is really stange place!"
In the pic you can see the disgusted look on his face.

I remember once with HammerFall when we tried to go to a fancy place to eat. Stefan was annoyed from the start. He said: "-We will probably get these too small portions with two fried potatoes, sausce splashed on top in a fancy matter, a small baby carrot and two grass stems laid over it!"
When the food came, and was just like he predicted, Stefan stood up and left for Burger King whithout eating.

Stefan demonstrating what he thought about the food.

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