Sunday, September 26, 2010

Finnish people

In Finland people buy cheaper and therefore weaker beers in the bars and then mix in 96% pure alcohol (ethyl alcohol), which they brought with them into the bar secretly, to make it stronger.
In the pic: Jens Johansson, who is only half Finnish, that's why he brings only half a bottle of alcohol.
Another odd thing. People bring spices like curry and Tabasco with them to restaurants since the food is often un-spicy and somewhat tasteless.

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  1. The spice-thing is a legend :) But here in Finland drinks/beer/sider etc... are so so so expensive in bars and restaurants, that everyone who wants to get drunk, has own tiny bottle in handbag or in pocket. And as anyone knows, we finns do want to get drunk :) (here is a free warnig: do never, ever accept euro in your currency! Get Euro and double all prices!!!)