Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ukraine/Russian trip with Hammerfall.

Kiev's Mc Donalds. A Porn-Burger maybe? Everyone was a bit worried if they would develop three eyes (four eyes) or/and start glowing after eating. Chernobyl is just outside Kiev.
Porn means: Royal.

A typial "eastern looking car" This is a Lada. They are always in really bright and strong colors.

Our (cross)dressing room. "Primadonja" it says. Yes, I know the Cyrillic letters a bit.
Maybe Primadonja means artist in Russian?

Kiev Railway station. Everything in Ukraine and Russia is big except the cars. The cars btw you will see breaking down (or broken down) at all times. If you go ten miles on any road you will see at least 50 broken down cars at the side of the road.

On our way to Moscow.

Oscar and my train compartment. It was a twin room with no heater control. It was probably 30 degrees in there. Oscars bed to the right (with all the beers and wine). Joacim was directly on the other side of the thin wall bunking with Fredrik. They try to get the calm ones together and the wild ones separately. The band and crew had a whole train car to ourselves almost. A few other poor bastards where there as well. I guess they didn't get any sleep either since Oscar and some of the crew were in party mode. Between the Ukraine border and the Russian border it was a three hour train ride. A bit odd.
In the 80-ties we toured the Soviet Union with Rising Force for six weeks once. The trains where similar then but I think they hade open fire heaters in our car. We sold 15 millon records in Russia with one album (Trilogy) and got a bunch of coal and oil stocks as royalty. I personally didn't get any coal just a bunch of Borscht soup...

STOP-KRAN. Emergency break handle.


  1. Not "Primadonja", it's "Priymal'nya". But what is it, idk

  2. AAA you played awesome in Moscow!!! I got crazy, especially after Joacim talked to me a bit! (It was me who said "shut the f*ck up" :D)

    YOU ARE THE BEST! Thank you very-very much!

  3. "приймальня" (ukr) - anteroom, chamber, hall, parlour, receiving-room, salon, waiting-room

  4. Baby, "ПРИЙМАЛЬНЯ" is not Russian, it's Ukrainian and it means simply "reception". :) In Russian, it would be "приёмная". :)))

    You can address any translation problems to me: