Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back in the fusion days.

I'm 27 years old here. The other person is Robert Karlsson, the sound engineer on this tour we jokingly called "Skägg och ägg" (beard and eggs).

This was a few years after our time in Yngwie Malmsteen's band. A hasbeen at 27 I sometimes felt we were :-) but it was fun to explore new musical and land territories.

We were in Berlin and played with Jonas "The bass monster" Hellborg when this video was shot. My brother Jens was also in the band. He had an angry tantrum and broke an effect pedal during his key solo. The jazz audience looked really puzzled to say the least :-) He held the camera. We did someting we called "The speaking diary". It was spoken by me onto videotape everyday like a little tour diary. I think Jens has these tapes.

In general were these jazz tours we did really fun and interesting. We played places we never been before. Played stuff we hadn't really played before. Complicated stuff it was. A lot of odd meter and fast playing. Met strange and weird people. Saw, for us, new and different things. On one tour we were on top of a mountain in Austria in the middle of a thunder storm. It was really dumb. Went to countries behind the iron curtain. Once a dog came on stage. It seem the first thing you do something is the most fun and exciting.

I drew a map of Europe on an ashtray as you can see. Note: Yugoslavia is named J...this was before the split. Yugoslavia in Swedish is "Jugoslavien".

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