Saturday, August 29, 2009

A typical day

Breakfast. Powershake. It's not so nice (it gives you the dry and wet heaves) but according to William and Max OT it is good for you.

Meeting Mats Liljegren at Playground music. Delivering and picking up cd:s.

My trunk full. This was before meeting Playground.

Back at the office. It's pretty messy as you can see. Book keeping end comming near...bluurk!

Backing up some files. Being a bit paranoid. But better safe than sorry.

Writing a letter to the German manager. Yes, my handwriting is the worst. Some letters were altered to make the adress more readable.

It's always been a problem for me to write. Looks like an eight year old did it. There is probably something wrong with my fine motor skills I suppose. In school the teachers always complained a lot about this (and other things). I went to special classes for this problem.

Taking the dog for a walk.

Meeting Joakim Sandberg from Sandberg music in the Sandberg music shop. Known him since we were teenagers. He is also the guitar player from Aces high.

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