Monday, November 23, 2009

Geüsir of kack

Got this fancy built in water container for the toilette. It cracked of course. Making a bunch of problems everywhere.

De-mounted it and ordered a new one. A few hundred euros. Note the wet floorboards.

An accident never comes alone. The sewer drain clogged for some reason. I tried everything. Wires and hoses. Days of work. Twice I got an avalance of sewage on me.

Tree days later I gave up and called in the pros. What a strange job that is. Going to peoples houses and dealing with their disgusting wastewater. You must like it to do it. Really nice guys, though. Only strange thing was that they had raging hard-ons all the time while working with the pipes.

Afterwards I had to take a shower to get the feces out of my skin. And soothing myself with some pure protein. This tastes really bad. I usually get the dry and wet heaves from trying to drink it.

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