Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Battle and dog feelings.

The scottish terrier is a feisty and stubborn breed. Sometimes on his walks he just lays down when he doesn't want to walk the same way we do.
It takes hour to cut his fur. He is batteling like it was a life and death situation.
He has a muzzle or we would get bitten.
Talking of bitten. The other day he tried to jump up on his favourite chair. He didn't succeed. He tried several times. I think there was a bass guitar in the way as well as a pillow. He was in a bad mood, you could tell, annoyed and frustrated. People say dogs don't have human feelings but I'm sure they can feel happiness, anger, being scared, sadness and frustration. Later I tricked him to come and lay down elsewhere by luring him there was food. When he realized there was none and when I tried to drag him away from the chair he bit me hard in the arm. He tried biting once again but missed. Afterwards he whimpered and layed down on his back knowing he'd gone too far. If he would have been a big dog we would have to submit him to Cesar Millan, but small dogs get away with things like that I guess.

New haircut.


  1. OjOjOj Du vet väl hur mycket bakterier det finns i en hunds mun!!!!
    Men du har väl stelkramps spruta som gäller??? Annars bör du nog ta den. Den är jättestor och man får den i ryggen :-D

  2. host.. där finns mindre bakterier i en hunds mun än i en människas mun

  3. Jaha. Vad betyder det? Att om Anders blir biten av jenny så skulle det vara värre???? eller....?.... Ja men då så. Ingen stelkramps risk! Rostaggar och vanlig blomjord i rabatten är annars den största risken för stelkramp vet jag.... det säger i alla fall min mamma!! punkt!
    hälsar Tina ;-)