Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Assorted pics from the past week.

This is something you see more often in Hammerfall these days. A more relaxed feeling. A few beers before the gig. I personally never drink anything before the gig. I have a hard time playing being affected by alcohol both coordination and overplaying-wise. Also when you play drums your pulse goes up and it makes you more drunk and you get tired faster. This new era started when rock n' roll-road dog monster Pontus and laydback and overall relaxed Fredrik joined the band. Oscar doesn't drink before the gig. But during he does sometimes. I'm the only total non-gig-alcoholic in the band. Joacim might have one a few hours before even though it looks like he is hammering away in the pic.

They drive too fast in Germany. If something happens you are likey to injure yourself worse than in lesser speeds. I always end up telling the driver to go 120 km/h maximum. Or else:-) Last time our driver Rafael did a good job and was understanding towards our more careful aproach to driving.

This is a bit typical for Germans. Everyone that has dealt with them know what I mean.

Kübler hotel. Fredrik Larsson's and Pontus' room.

Udo Dirkschneider. He played with his band a few bands before we did last Saturday at Knock out-festival. He is a metal god. Joacim, the shortest guy in Hammerfall, is seen passing in the foreground. I always wondered what a "Dirkschneider" is.

Hotel Kübler in Karlruhe. Strange layout wouldn't you say?

At a burger place at Frankfurt. They had 1000 sparrows waiting for scraps. I threw a french fry and 1000 birds attacked it. Another fry...and 1000 more birds came flying down from the sealing. Yes, the place was outdoors. Fredrik was annoyed since they were really close to his hair. Maybe they could have got tangled up? Check what Pontus ordered.

Mark from "Brave words, bloody knuckles" drinking in stereo.

A lot of the people I meet while touring say: -I met your brother. He is a really nice guy and a hell of a musician. I wonder if they tell him the same thing?

Typical people-behaviour:
-I want of the plane! I want of the plane! So I stand up as soon as possible, just to stand here like an idiot waiting for 10 minutes standing instead of relaxing and sitting in my seat.
Some people often (not showing in the pic due to the fact the people in the pic are nearly dwarfs) stand with bent backs for ever under the overhead compartments looking like jackasses...

This is a bit typical in Scandinavia: Just before they let the people of the plane they ordered the ones about to embark to stand just outside the gate to form a line. Making the disembarking passengers confused. They also went into the line thinking it was an extra passport control. It also blocked the whole gate area. One might think they would have learned by now...

Hammerfall's rehearsal space. Today some weirdo that handles it called Fredrik and complained about the racket. What did they think when they rented it to a heavy metal-band.
In the pic: Pontus doubles up as usually as a sound tech while Oscar is whatching.

On the way to Gothenburg I always stop at the same place halfway there. Rasta in Snapparp.

The latest time I asked for a hamburger plate and wanted to exchange something for something else. -No problem, was the response. I wish more people in Sweden said: -No problem! regarding everything instead of: -Sorry, I'm not authorised to do that for you...

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  1. Those are some cool pictures! I do like the ones of the hotel, the design is great, i have never seen a hotel like that before. You all look like you had a great time.