Sunday, December 6, 2009

R.I.P. Peter Rudolw

A great guy decided to leave this world. He was the driving force behind the Anderslöv rehearsal place where all the bands hang out and rehearse. His decision came out of nowhere and shocked us all. Peter was a very talented musician and everyone feels it was a great loss.
Above is a Peter-shrine the musicians from his place made. He ment a lot to them. One of the bands made a song to his honour:


  1. <hi anders... This is really wonderful to see..I am Sandra...Peters fiancé and collegue in both VeraCruz and Safe...Every new blog and whatever new that is written about my PEter is a great comfort in mine and my little daughter ISabellas grief...ANd LIna...I know you meant a great deal to Peter...Do not be a stranger...Thank you Anders for together with Jonas, PEters son, are keeping the project with the rehearsal place alive=)..Hope to meet you in the nearest future...Peter always spoke so well of you...LOve sandra

  2. Saknar dig Peter...
    Du har alltid haft och kommer alltid att ha ett rum i mitt Hjärta....Och det vet du!! Ett eget rum-- Älskar dig,, (på mitt sätt) :-)-
    Love U... 4 .....

  3. Det gør mig og min kone ondt at høre, vi havde ellers regnet med at vi igen skulle høre hoget godt country musik her i voresklub CMCA. København
    Vi vil altid have dig i vores tanker
    Alf & Marianne Degnebolig. Hvidovre. Danmark