Sunday, December 20, 2009


When it's snowing you can heat up with some glögg. Anya and Jenny.

Clearing little paths for the dog so he can patrol his habitat. All he could see were white walls.

My friend Paul and Anette's house and Paul's babe-magnet (Volvo V70) last night. A lot more white matter came down since then. It's been snowing cats and dogs.

The road is un-drivable more or less. A militairy vehicle just passed to try to clear a path.
My neighbour Fabio from Milano came out: "-This is the most I've seen. I tried to drive before. I have summer tires on still. Driving is fine but I couldn't stop!"

Clearing snow from the green house so the windows will not crack. The picture almost look black and white since there is so much snow.

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  1. Thats a LOT of snow!!!! we had more snow than usual this year, but not as much as that. Normally we get a couple of inches, but we had more snow than we have had in the last few years this last week. the UK came to a standstill, again........mind you all we seem to need is an inch and thats it, no one can cope. We used to get the sort of snow you have, about 20 years ago but not anymore. i remember when i was a kid we had lots of snow, it seems to have decreased over the eldest daughter has never seen so much, and she is 5.
    Hope you have a great christmas, love to you and yours,

    Lara :)