Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The force of time

It's interesting how you think things are and how much you understand when you are 25 years old. I think you can see it in young musicians eyes. They are going to conquer the world with their music and there is nothing to stop them. I was the same way as you can see here. I am doing a stupid metal face thinking it was really cool. It was for a feature of me in the magazine "Modern Drummer". I was really proud of this. Picture by Michael Johansson using a wide angle lens in a rehearsal place called S.I.R. (Studio instrument rentals) in New York City.


  1. Ah, but that passion in the young musicians that want to take the world by storm is what keeps the music alive. With that passion, it keeps the fans interested too and the cycle continues, when either the music or the fan passion dies we have to be worried.

  2. I still have that issue of Modern Drummer from 1989 with John Molo as the cover artist. I liked how you had the 8" tom tucked in front of the 10" & 12" on the collar lock rack. I saw that tour with Lita Ford in Concord, CA. Great show!