Thursday, January 28, 2010

Trip to India with HammerFall

The trip started with a flight on the brand new Airbus A 380-800. The worlds largest passenger plane. It's clear the Americans will loose the "plane war" to Europe. This plane smokes everything else out there by far. Silent, fast and luxurious.

Apes at the hotel. Something I've never seen before.

Another ape. The coffee was bad tasting, but strong (worked).

Oscar feeding one.

A common sight in Asia. Two male friends hugging, holding hands or snuggling up.
But if a girl and boy do this it's concidered discusting.

A beach house.

Me at the beach.

The band with the Bay of Bengal in the background.
Oscar was grabbing my hand and Fredriks ass inspired by all the other men in India.

A salesman. Plenty of them. Here with cotton candy in different colors.
There were people litteraly everywhere.

Balle! Balle!

My five drumtechs. The kit was crude and under-dimensioned but that's when it gets more intersting to play. Snarehead broke at once. First the top, and then the bottom... No more snaredrums or heads where available. Next time: I'll bring my own.

Kingfisher time! Indias best beer. They even have (or had) their own airline.

Fredrik had quite a few Kingfishers.

Maharaja mac.

Our driver used his horn at all times. Really, at all times...always! He had incorporated it into his drivingstyle. He could blast it with his elbow (as you can see) while driving.

What is he selling? Who knows?
He had a bell under the wagon (made of bicycles) to let people know his presence.

They have charging up-stations for mobile phones here and there. People don't steal as much as in the rest of the world (Japan excluded).

A family motorcycle. No helmets. They drive like maniacs.
The wife always with both legs to one side.
We saw a bike with three men where the middleman was sleeping. The hindmost man was holding him in place.

A bus with no windows. Not needed. It's really warm.

A fish market. Maybe it's hard to see but there as 10 000 flies on each fish. The cow was shitting next to the market and people took the poo with their hands and made burger sized ...well, dung-burgers and put them on the walls to dry. To be sold as fire "wood" later.

Deers in a scrap heep. Not scared and begging Pontus and Oscar for someting to eat.

The drivers snuggeling up.


  1. haha!amusing pics!
    great show yall.

  2. Wonderfull blog and amazing pictures. Smoking? :O

  3. I came all the way from New Delhi to watch you guys.. Thank god.. it was worth all the pain, the smell and the crowd that i had to go through in the train....

    Thanks gusy

  4. hahahaha where did he get to take that family pic..