Friday, March 5, 2010


Little cars to take oversized people around the stores (shops) when they do their shopping.
If you are fat you should be walking instead one might think.

Flu-shot anyone?

Supersized margarita. Must have been 75 cl. Pontus and I hade one eache...cpouldn't even finish them. The were strong as well.

Reese's eggs...never seen them in Europe.
Huge as everything else here.

A shop's sallad-dressing section...oversized.

Oversized onions.

Undersized snow-vehicle.
About a quarter the size we use in Sweden. Then again, we are closer to the pole and have more snow accordingly.

You can get this snow-t-shirt in XXXL. Oversized.
They had some snow lately and this t-shirt was after this.

Good idea: A little coffee set to go.

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