Monday, March 22, 2010

Tour in progress.

Fredrik wrote this...

A very un-common sight. A cross walk. Most (99,5%) people don't walk anywhere. If you don't have a car it's nearly impossible to go anywhere, and dangerous to try to cross 10-lane streets.

Drive thru banking...only for the really lazy. You don't even have to get out of your car. Very common in the States.

An ATM (automatic teller machine or cash machine) inside a restaurant. A common sight also in stores. In porn films ATM means something else.

Oúr man in Kansas, Dave, came up to Plymouth and had a bbq served from his truck bed.

On tour you have to go to laundromats. Coin operated. This one in Winnipeg.
I was the only one going, the others (most of them) wear their underwear and socks three-four days before changing...bluurk!

Something that bothers me a bit: A drummer seems to be a non-person in a band, like a referee in sports (who looks at him or her?) or a door man... As a drummer you can be placed behind a pole like this and everyone thinks it OK. Or light people (the ones flashing the lights more or less out of time when a band plays, Celine excluded) often just don't bother to place lights on the drummer. This has always pissed me off since I think it takes some real talent and skills as well as physical stamina to play the damn things. This gig was a bit rudimentary in general though...look at the back drop with the band logo :-)

The backstage door. It was litterar 40 cm (1,3 feet).

Hanging backstage. Who said it's always glamorous?

Joacim was just goofing off. No one needs Anus-ol. We just thought the name was a bit funky.

In Canada they say: Walk when the man is white.

Hockey and curling is huge in Canada. This was shown in a shop window. Some game between Sweden and Canada. And not with the "normal" Swedish team.

Edmonton, Canada. A fire in progresss. I think this was when it just had started. Later big flames came out but that pic was out of focus.

A huge strawberry. My hands are pretty big as well as my...feet. It was like a small apple.

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