Thursday, March 11, 2010


On top of the Rocky stairs. It was easy to run up. Please check for a movie of Oscar running up the stairs.

Potbelly café. You'll get a Potbelly for sure!

230V is hard to get on this continent. We have amps and the like running on 230V so our toothbrushes get to borrow some of the voltage from the transformers.

Typically. Dessert is religion. Who cares if you get fat?

I'm over 6.3 for sure...

Our litte monitoring packs. See how they socialize.

Our home for five weeks.

C-up, a 7-up rip off (my mother thinks it's called zup). C-up in Swedish means: Look up (as Oscar demonstrates).

Canadian beer with 10.1%. The more north, the worse the alcoholics.

Ketchup chips, a Canadian favourite.

A typical backstage sight.

Soundman Tom Kubic.

Healthy. Green tea and V8.

Fish, backline-tech from Portugal.

Jez, tourmanager.

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