Sunday, April 18, 2010

End of the tour.

The bus outside a gig in Arizona. No bathroom, no shower. Sometimes I wonder if our bookers would put up with it. The local guys were great, though. As always. But they shoul be, getting nice tall good looking well hung viking-dudes hanging out playing Europeean metal. And playing well, well sometimes.

The thief:
"-I'll take your bike! But since I couldn't get the front wheel, I'll bend it so You can't use it either! Ha ha!"

A P.A. from a gig somewhere (I know where but don't want to badmouth the place since they are nice people). A bit smallish wouldn't you say? P.A. means "public Address". Some people think it means Power Amplification. Most people don't care.

I'm glad they didn't allow guns. No one checked, though.

Me with my new orange t-shirt I got from a friend. In front of a Saguaro cactus.
I tried to look like one, without much success.

Hmm...why not?!
One wonders what goes on here.

Fish doing some coke.
This restaurant served the most digusting food we ever had. A new record!

We tried to get Fredrik to come out of his shell and join us for a beer for once. He hates alcohol and rarely wants to party. But no luck this time either. He almost puked by the stench from his beer.

Gig toilets. Pink for the ladies so they would feel more comfortable and not go the wrong ones.
The gig was half outdoors.

Our headline stage in Texas. It was getting a bit more strange the more south we got. One member in the band didn't feel too hot so he had a bit of a problem during the gig and had to leave the concert rapidly since he soiled himself. And the band played on...

In the 80-s people tried to get a line. Now they want to get online. The guys are constantly online with their Iphones. I'm the only one with a Nokia and a PC. They are playing games. Sneezies mostly. Hours and hours, day by day, night after night look like this.

The "cat walk" to the backstage somewhere. Outdoors and full of garbage.
Just the way we like it! I like new experiences though, this was one for sure.

The toilet door. The hinge was ripped off so one had to lift the door in place. Again...I wonder what the bookers would do if we like booked equally bad hotels for them and had them living there for six weeks. Then again it's our own decision to go ahead and do these territories. Even though circumstances were a bit shady we were in a good mood and had a great time.
Did I mention the toilet was clogged?

On the Lufthansa-flight back. We had these really annoying kids behind us. They travelled with their mother but she didn't have them in check and didn't do anything about their behaviour. Don't you hate this!? They banged on our chairs constantly and screamed out loud. We told them off many times, in a very harsch way even. I threw a package of (opened) butter on them at one point and it only took a few seconds and it came flying back, into Fredriks head. The flight started out funny when Oscar was stuck in the middle of Fredrik and Joacim. He started freaking, elbowing the seat vigorously 10-15 times before Joacim, the daddy, stopped him by offered him his aisle seat (as you can see in the pic). It is horrible to sit for 10 hours when you can't move at all so I understand Oscar well.

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  1. I hope you guys had a wonderful tour! So sad to see you go! Lol, love all your pics Anders, it's like have a backstage pass to the tour. :)

    I'm saving that pic of Joacim, he does not look impressed! :P So hot!