Sunday, April 25, 2010

Karate party

The book of your promotion tests, results and rank looks like this. Like a passport. Might work as one in all the Shotokan-dojos in the world.

Harald Barret, one of the young talented students.
He also plays guitar in "Imminence".
The Shotokan-teachers want to get the Taekwondo out of me. I studied UTF-Taekwondo for a while. This is a typical Taekwondo downblock. I can see it myself looking at this pic.
Shotokan and Taekwondo is really similar. To simplify it crudely: Tkd more kicks, shotokan more hands. But it is up to the fighter in the end.

But I became this happy after passing my grading test.

Robban was talking about his "ippon" that he landed on a 3:rd degree black belt's nose.
Björn Frid, the victim of this Kisami-tsuki, wasn't that happy and swept Robbans both legs a second later...All in the great fun of Shotokan.

Micke had a few beers or 10 as everyone else. Hard fighter! Nice guy.

Two really experienced fighters from England. Sir Geoffrey and Sir Bob. Six degree blackbelts both of them. World champs, European champs and Universal name it. We were lucky to have them train us for the weekend.

Ulf Tengeborg, a gentleman, 3:rd degree black belt and the main boss for The Trelleborg Karateklubb. Great competition record. Swedish champ and more a few times.

Anders Olsson and Christopher Book in the background having a great time. Anders is the father of Martin. Stoffe one of the teachers. I was sure I took some pics of Daniel Olsson as well, but somehow they got lost. Might have been operator error from the camera guy after all the beers.

The young table. Great guys and mean fighters all of them. Stoffe 2, Erik Billgren, Martin and Harald. Linn is behind Stoffe. Is that green tea in Haralds glass?

Godfrey and Smith. English steel.


  1. Love the pictures. Karate or any physical activities are not my cup of tea