Thursday, April 1, 2010

West coast etc.

They made gold cans for the Canadian people since they won the gold in the olympic hockey. Next time Sweden wins (again) we want gold cans also.

Pontus is always happy about the food and easy to please (so am I). Joacim is more of a connoisseur. But this meal passed thru Joacim's filter. The saddle ranch on Sunset boulevard in Hollywood.

Pontus was interessted in this huge and loooooong Canadian freight train (so was I). Somewhere in the Canadian Rocky mountains.

Fish always has problems at the borders. Every time. He looks like a criminal for sure.

He had spit out some snus (tobacco to put under your lip) during the night in a box for his headphones. The border inspectors were interested in it to put it mildly. When he explained what is was they stopped poking around in it...-It's my spiiit in there, man, Fish said. (Imagine a Portugese accent for more realism).

Drive thru coffee. In Medford, Oregon, where we had a day off.

Potato sallad in tetra brick-containers.

A fat American, so fat he had to lend an electrical vehicle to be able to shop at all.
The wheels made a strange sound from trying to carry the large weight.


To get people out of a heart attack. You see them here and there. This one in a movie theatre.

Swedish bread. Who's behind it? Hint: He is the third tallest in the band.

A syringe welcomed us outside the bus in San Francisco. HIV-infected possibly.

Jenny came over for a few days. At Denny's having orange-strawberry juice.

Amercican breakfast. 10 000 000 calories!
Jenny's they type that's always happy and positive about everything.

We rented a car and took a drive to Vegas. A Toyota Tundra V8. Really great. Big and powerful, easy to handle. Not bad on gas either.

Yngwie has big hands. You should see his feet...

Mikkey Dee has a long middle finger (maybe it was Lemmy's...hard to tell).
Mikkey came to the Los Angeles-show. Got a bit drunk. In the end he just screamed: -Anders Anders! with a really hoarse voice. I don't think he remembers this. He's always a fun guy to have at a party and the musical backbone in Motörhead. Without him this band wouldn't be half as good.


  1. Lol You're Hilarious Anders! I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves in Canada! I missed your Vancouver concert unfortunately due to money being extremely tight in my family. I'll catch you guys next time for sure!

    Do me a huge favor? Tell Joacim that Joceline thinks he's the greatest and I love him to pieces! <3 Thanks!

  2. Joacim is so crazy adorable in that picture.