Friday, June 18, 2010

Swedish Radio show

We were broadcasting four hours live last Saturday. Quite a few interesting guests. Here is Mike Åkerfeldt from Opeth comparing the music industri and the musicians playing from before vs. now. Was it better before? In the background: Liv Ungermark, the producer.

To the left: Jens, my brother, was the "headliner-guest". They had a keyboard for him so Jens and I played some jams live (I usually have a drumkit in this radio show). It was interesting to just play whatever came to mind live in front of about 700 000 listeners. We kept it going for about sex minutes. Then again, we are trained professionals and should be able to anything musically after 30 years as pros. He also talked about his years with Dio and told some very funny stories.

Andreas Matz, the host of the show, in corpse paint. He was happy with his new look and is now thinking of getting it on a more regular basis.

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