Monday, June 28, 2010

Mora weekend

After a 10 hour journey we ended up at Joacim's place. Having midsummer dinner. I had my hood on. Protecting me against mosquitos.

A more normal pic (look further down) of Oscar. Girldfriend-Olivia in the background.

The gig we did was located on top of a mountain. We had to take the ski-lift to get there. A first time for you can see from the worried facial expression. Behind me Joacim and Fredrik.

Joacim and Fredrik getting off.

The gig. The view has gotten three stars in Guide Michelin.

Oscar's bedroom eyes.

All girls think Fredrik is the best looking one...

Oscar after getting back down from the mountain late night. He sang all the way down. Really loud. You could hear it over the Mora-Orsa-Rättvik area

After party in our log cabin. Sabri, Joacim (the Amarant singer), Fredrik and Mia.

Oscar partying.

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  1. The view from the stage looks awesome. Even i would love to play in such a place. BTW, what genre do you guys play. I have a band and we are into Old School Thrash MEtal