Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pranks my brother and I used to do as kids.

1. Before piano lessons: smear fingers with bicycle chain-grease. Hiding the black oil under the fingers until it was time to play the home assignement. Voila! Simultaniously soiling and playing the keys.

2. Digging down a 150 feet long gardenhose near a sidewalk and turn the water on when passers by happend to...pass by. They didn't see where that came from.

3. When our mother had guests.
A. Put extra spice in the food.
B. Itching powder. At all times!
C. In the guest room she had in the attic, where there is a crawling space just outside the insulation of the room, we mounted speakers (we took from used radios and tv-sets) on the walls. We played airplane sounds or burning sound. Sometimes after each other. The effect was pretty amazing.
D. Made a hole just over where they slept so we could lower cables into their faces, and we ran a generator we de-mouted from an old crank-phone, thru their nose and mouth. Good chock-effect.
E. I stole a traffic light, the kind that blinks at night. We de-mouted the light and put a beeper instead as well as a delay circuit (Jens did this). When they put out the light and just fell a sleep 10 minutes later it started to beep. When they turned on the light the sound disapeared. Impossible to find. So they had to sleep with the light on all night.

4. Re-wirering peoples cars so the turning indicator would go to the horn. Well, you understand. Turn left: beep beep beep!

5. On tour with our teenage-band: Laxatives, laxatives, superglue, circuit breakers, laxatives, itching powder and laxatives.

6. Weed-killer powder or liquid in peoples lawns. Writing discusting words. It showed up weeks later. Delayed effect.

7. Getting weedseeds from a nearby field, by the bagfull, and planting in the neighbours flower beds.

8. Rotten herring in public places.

9. Ink in the lock of the classroom. Teachers got blue hands.


  1. Nothing wrong with your fantacy...

  2. You sure had a fun childhood! This post took me down the memory lane!

  3. What a little monster you were! :P

    Love you muchly!

  4. How could your poor, poor, nice mother stand you twa rascals. She ought to have a goldmedal...Or two...

  5. you and Jens were such rogues as both seem to have kept up the mischief into adulthood too!!! Reading this really made me laugh.