Friday, November 4, 2011

Day off in Oberhausen.

There is a train track near the Turbinenhalle where we play. I left the shutter open for a while when a train went past. It was actually pitch dark when this picture was taken.

Two guys from Deathdrestruction. Henrik "Hinken" Danhage and Jonas "Lillen" Ekdahl. We were hanging out outside the bus. It was really warm for being in November. So the two lovebirds found each other in the night...see how cute they look when they do "Lady and the Tramp".

Our tour bus. It went thru a wash machine yesterday. I was sleeping and dreaming about being chased by aliens. The sound of the brushes came nearer and it sounded like alien space ships closing in. It was scary and nice. Then ther sound became too loud and I woke up.

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