Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Night train to Bucharest.

We had a journey of 830 km on probably the worst roads in Europe ahead. So we decided to take a night train from Budapest to Bucharest. 15 hours. It started strange right away. The conductor was drunk, had missing teeth and was really fat and ugly (looked a bit like Leif Boork but 100 times worse). And he wanted bribes. He tried to tell us we only had paid for one ticket etc etc...the normal crap. He even draw on Oscar's pillow with a pen trying to explain to us. Joacim and Pontus had paid extra to be alone in a "cabin" of their own, but then came this guy with the biggest moustasch we'd seen in ages to join them (strange how they could resist and reject him). They bribed the drunk fat guy and they got their own personal space for two (lovers?) in the end.

They went full speed with the door open. The train was shaking and wobbling so it was of course very unsafe.

Me in the corridor. The train was fairly new, but everything really small and only half working. My bed was 180 cm. I'm 194. You do the math...
The train driver had this strange and annoying habit of blowing the horn every 30 seconds, all night long. We had the car (waggon) next to the locomotive and our cabine was all the way up front, so our ears were a few meters from the horns. Even though there was nothing out there for miles he kept hooting. Hooting with one horn, with both, the other one. When meeting other trains they were saying hello to each other by hooting loooong ones. Maybe it was some wolves or vampires on the tracks in the Transylvnian mountains? One cool thing was that the power connetcor for the locomotive was creating unbelievable much and big electrical sparks. It lit the whole landscape that otherwise had no lights whatsoever up.

Some travel food I got in Hungary. The sausages were awful. Intestines (bowels) full of meat dough with some grizzly fat chewy bits. Maybe I should have heated them? Fred bought some coffee. Ice cold. But who cares? It's the caffeine we are after. The Boci strawberry chocolate was fine. And orange flavoured Tic tacs are always a hit.

Ozz and Fred. I was all the way up over Ozz.

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