Sunday, November 20, 2011

New bus due to temperature swings.

For you that might wonder how we sleep. Here is my bunk. It's a space roughly 190 x 70 x 80 cm. I'm 194, sleeping diagonally is required. Our bus has 18 bunks usually. Crew and band all fits.
You usually, depending if it's a top or bottom bunk, have an outlet (mine had broken plastic but worked. See: middle top in pic), a fan and a light. On my bed there are:
2 x bottles with antiseptic alcohol for hands
1 x harmonica
1 x bootleg HF-hat
1 x reflecting band for arm
1 x computer with case (PC)
1 x old Nokia phone (I'm the only one without Iphone or Mac computer)
1 x fairly new Nokia phone (N8 from Katching)
2 x pillow
1 x blanket
1 x thermometer

Fred "DD" Lars, our bass player, suffering from hypothermia. He was fully clothed with hat and hood, and throusers and the works but still his vital signs went down to a minimum. Joacim, Fred and I had the most aft bunks and there was some sort of temperature problem with the last bus. One night we had visable breathing exhaust and actual frost on the metal parts in the bunks (while Joacim waa boiling in hell). We got three thermometers. One night Fred had 11, I had 12 and Joacim 25. Then all of a sudden Fred had 28 and I had 29 and Joacim 34. Before getting them we had way lower temperatures near the freezing point...that's why we got them in the first place, but we never got a "recorded" freezing notation.. It was kind of random.

It's hard to sleep on busses if you are not used to it, which I fortunatelly am.. Imagine a sleeping train and magnify it by 5. Bumpy roads (eastern Europe is really interesting), driver slamming on the brakes. Driver having a hard time with a gear. The whole thing shaking and wobbling. The bus feeling like it's running into a ravine. Driver feeling sleepy and driving onto side of the road. Band members screaming and shouting (partying) all night, band members and/or crew snoring. Band members or crew having terrible nightmares and screaming in agony. Loud bangs from doors when bus is parked. Loud music at all times.

We have gotten a different bus now...I'll report later how it's going.

Jumping fast from 3 degrees to 29 withing 10 minutes (at 13 in the pic). Better with the cold than the heat somehow.

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