Monday, November 14, 2011


The kit after the show. Good thing it's a Tama so it will hold up during some abuse. I've had some issues lately of which level of (over)playing I should put into HammerFall. I come from a jazz/fusion-background and sometimes forget to hold back. I tried the old towel-over-the-head-in-a-complete-song-trick. But that just made it dark. Then I thought of the old holding-one-foot-on-one-bass-drum-in-a-complete-song-trick, but it got boring. So I just knocked the kit over in pure happiness and excitement.

Some Czech freaks after the show. I always take a pic of the crowd afterwards. You'll find them all in the HammerFall's facebook page.

What is this? Seems like it's a common light-sign in the old Czech republic official buildings.

Our bus driver Andy did his best to keep the bus on the Czech and Polish roads which are in serious need of repair. This night Joacim, Fredrik and my bunks were about 4 degrees above zero centigrade. I'm not kidding. We had all our clothes on. It was still freezing. We are buying sleeping bags tomorrow.

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