Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Various travels lately.

Stayed at a one star hotel with Fullforce in Berlin. We started to wonder when they told us to park the bus a bit away from the hotel windows. Later we understood why, the guests puked and threw bottles out the windows at night.

Frauenparkplatz = Women parking. The Germans know who drives badly (or at least parks badly).

Saw this after drinking the water...

In Transylvania, Romania. Biggest room so far.

Drakula's airport.

OK, that's what the band "Kalapacs" name means.

Eastern travels somewhere. (Hungary probably).

We ask for Australian wine and here they got Italian wine and just wrote "Australia" on the bottle. Yes, it fooled us...not! The wine was fine, though.

Some problems on the train from Denmark to Sweden. Don't remember exactly what the problem was, but the passengers were upset.

Hotel Moskva, Zlin, Czech republic. We usually go to the pizza and bowling-restaurant.

Romanian airlines? Czech?

Double bass!

Hammer-force one.


Jill Johnson.

Moreaus´ TV-show.

On the way to the Moreaus´ TV-show. Oscar bought everything with alcohol in the train restaurant. Bad idea.


Some asshole train conductor told me to take down the suitcase from the overhead rack. So I did, but I refused to have it out of sight.

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